Help the baby choose the appropriate physical and mental toys
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Playing the bridge of communication between the child and the outside world, through the process of playing, not only can help children find themselves, explore the problem, but also to meet the child's curiosity, let him have the opportunity to express their views on things And attitude. Because of the different stages of the development of different mental toys on the child's application and the degree of inspiration is also different, so how to age, fit, appropriate for the baby (baby food) to prepare all kinds of toys is a very important homework. Different toys have different functions, different age range and so on. Mother (mother food) who can not be underestimated, this is the door is not easy homework Oh!

The basic definition of good toys

Toys on infants and young children (children's food) the development of all stages of a very far-reaching impact, then, in addition to the parents in addition to the development of the various stages of the baby, for the selection of suitable toys, but also should know what kind of toys is the so-called Fine toys? Culture University children (children's food) welfare professor Professor Huang Zhicheng pointed out that the excellent toys need to have the following characteristics:

1. Can help children develop the basic stages of the various stages of action.

2. Can cultivate children's learning ability.

3. Can trigger and cultivate the child's curiosity, adventure.

4. Let the child get a sense of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

5. Can help children express their meaning in words or vent their emotions.

6. can cultivate children's good habits.

In addition, applicability, durability, safety, economy and no space are essential for a good toy.

Baby growers toys

From birth to a year old baby (baby food), roughly listening, watching, touch and other sensory perception to know the environment in which he lives; after a year of age infants and young children began to use physical activity to expand his range of exploration. At this point, the toy provides a child's initial contact with the world of the bridge.

Applicable age: within 2 years of age

Function: to stimulate listening, as, smell, touch the senses, limb development

Toy type: bed box toys, hand bell, solid tooth toys, toy pad, music bell, press toys, sound toys and so on.

Stuffed Toys

Touching sharp toys will make the child's nerves tend to tense, resulting in unpleasant feeling, on the contrary, soft toys will make the child's spirit relaxation, and thus produce a comfortable, serene feeling. Therefore, when the child is agitated or unable to sleep, can let him embrace the soft stuffing toys, so that his original emotional excitement can gradually relax.

Applicable age: depending on the material and design different

Function: play, sense of security, tactile training

Toy type: filled with dolls, a variety of modeling stuffed toys, filled with sports toys.

Inflatable Toys

The use of air into the object formed by the three-dimensional effect, to strengthen the child's tactile identification ability; In addition, some inflatable toys can help children to promote the development of their physical fitness, such as: swimming ring.

Applicable age: depending on the material and design different

Function: to enhance the tactile training and physical exercise

Toy types: balloons, swim ring, tumbler, all kinds of inflatable toys.

wooden block

Building blocks are a constructive toy that allows the child to combine the scattered units into a unified thing by repeating the piling up and arranging the combination and observing the position of the space and the part of the space And the relationship with the whole, but also step by step to establish a psychological order.

Applicable age: depending on the material and design different

Function: training construction ability, creative thinking, intellectual intelligence

Toy types: 100 of the intelligence film, stack building blocks, all kinds of shapes inlay combined building blocks.

Riding a toy

Before you learn to walk, you need to practice how to use your feet. Sitting on a ride on the toy to do exercises can make him feel the rich feeling of action experience, so that the brain get nourish, skeletal muscle growth.

Applicable age: over one year old

Function: to promote large muscle movement, feeling integrated coordination

Toy types: walkers, tricycles, bicycles, crab cars and so on.

Furniture toys

Children in the use of furniture, toys, play the game of home wine, usually in his daily life feel, see re-presented, and to language, learn from the communication skills, and access to role learning and role recognition Opportunity.

Applicable age: over one year old

Function: to stimulate the child to imitate, speak the ability

Toy types: toys tables and chairs, toy boxes, all kinds of furniture models.

Music toys

Help children to develop the auditory toys, the main function in promoting the sense of hearing and sharpness. But also from the process of playing toys, to understand the instrument tone, sound quality, feel the size of the volume, the level of tone, his understanding of the music.

Applicable age: depending on the material and design different

Function: training listening, sound, rhythm, rhythm and relieving emotions

Toy types: drums, speakers, piano, harmonica, music bell, tape recorder and so on.

Physical toys

Infants and young children should play more balls, throwing, parabolic and other games, so that the muscles of the arm can be flexible coordination, and strengthen the muscle strength, while the ball in the transmission of a distance, but also increased the child's attention and participation activities Persistence, and to strengthen the ability to judge space and time.

Applicable age: more than eight months

Function: size muscle coordination ability and physical training

Toy type: ball, throwing toys, Frisbee and so on.

Water toys

Parents can use the water toys in the water treasure hunt game, put some different shapes and colors of water toys thrown into the water, so that children groping and matching, so help children to improve the sense of touch recognition, increase the child like to take a bath.

Applicable age: a birth begins

Function: to enhance the child's tactile learning ability

Toy types: a variety of winding water toys, water-resistant toys and so on.